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Supportive care towards the bereaved during the holidays

Article submitted by Dr. Nicholas Losito, D.Div

The Invisible Truth: Living in the Now and Creating the Future You Choose

Have you ever felt lost, like your life has no sense of meaning, direction, or purpose?  I have certainly felt that way the past 2 years after losing my job.  I have struggled to figure out where I should go from here. 

Whether we like it or not, a paycheck many times defines who we are and our self-worth. When you aren’t bringing home that check, it can make you feel depressed like a failure.  It can cause extra stress at home because of the loss of your salary.

Sealing the Deal in Salary Negotiations

Research and preparation are two critical tools to use in job hunting and compensation negotiation, a business executive and marketing research expert told Sacramento job seekers Tuesday.

A job opening is a need or problem that a company and its hiring manager are trying to solve by hiring the right candidate.

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