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SacProNet Members Participate in Tech Summit

Members current and former of Sacramento Professional Network’s Computer Committee participated on Saturday, November 3, in the Bay Area Drupal Camp, or BADCamp.

The three current members were Ronnie Norwood, Ron McClure, and Arthur Ringwalt. Joining them was former member Charlie Russell, who helped to assemble SacProNet’s Web site.

Conferencing Methods: SacProNet's Computer Committee Experience

The Computer and Web Committee is in charge of maintaining and improving It also works with social Web sites, such as www.LinkedIn.Com and The Committee has conferences on most Thursdays; records their meeting times.

Dawdling and Depression: A Sad Cycle

Do you ever feel, after trying so hard to get a job only to be unsuccessful, a lack of enthusiasm? A sort of ennui that leaves you sitting on the couch moping, distracting yourself from the job hunt? The answer, among many job seekers, is often yes, to some degree. And those feelings often set into motion a vicious cycle that can hurt you and your chances at getting a job.

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