Charles Bowyer

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Sacramento Professional Network Marketing Committee Chair
Charles Bowyer’s greatest accomplishment may be that he is still relatively sane after having been between careers for a while now. Like most, if not all of his fellow Sacramento Professional Network members, Charles used to have a career he thought would last until retirement. But, things did not work out that way. In preparing to present to SPN about his experiences and knowledge of seasonal work and job fairs Charles consulted a number of sources on how to write an effective speaker bio, all of which seemed to assume the speaker was employed. Some of them suggested Charles brag about his most media spotlight worthy accomplishments such as writing best sellers or appearing on Oprah. The closest Charles can come to that is appearing on the Captain Satellite children’s show when he was young.

As an adult Charles taught elementary school for many years. Over those years Charles started branching out from his classroom to take on roles at the grade level team, school wide, and district wide levels. Those roles included simultaneously leading multiple classes of fourth graders on twenty four hour living history experiences at Sutter’s Fort and service on district wide committees focusing on projects like technology grant writing and adopting new materials and curriculum.

Eventually Charles’ teaching career came to an end due to a variety of complicated circumstances. Since then Charles has faced the realities of the currently difficult job market made tougher by his decision to change careers rather than return to teaching. While coming very close to getting new fulltime jobs several times Charles has landed Christmas shopping season seasonal work the past two years. Charles was good enough at it that he moved up from sales associate the first year to assistant manager the second. Charles has also become somewhat experienced in the art of attending job fairs.

Charles credits his relative sanity in large part to his participation in Sacramento Professional Network and also Active Job Seekers of America. Both groups have provided him with opportunities to network with fellow job seekers, vent with and support others, get and share information and leads, and branch out into new roles adding to his skill set. With AJSA Charles took turns as the Vice President and then President of the South Placer County Chapter. With SPN Charles served on the Education Committee before switching to the Marketing Committee that he now Chairs.