Computer Committee meeting on-site

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Thu, 02/07/2013 - 10:00am - 1:00pm
preliminary agenda follows:

Welcome Administration Committee!

Present at the Jan 31 Mikogo conference were Ron, Ronnie, John,  & Arthur

Old Business

Attendance with QR Checkin successful!

Feb 5, 2013 attendance is at:

Other Administrative Issues

Candidate Discussion on members. Refer to  Home > Administer > User Management > Users.  They should be blocked after six months. We might need a MySQL program for this task. Blocking does not change role.Need comment; who did it and when. Needs PHP. Do it manually? Block register and no membership obligations? Send email to these persons? Discuss with Admin Cmte. Outsource? John will clarify membership transition regarding who does what? He will create a view display to clarify the process. See navigation menu > administration > reporting

We need a checkbox of members without badges. If a member needs a badge, he/she should place a check in the checkbox. NO BADGES BEING PRINTED NOW, 1/24.  No-one checking on these.   Margie?

Minutes not found on Web site. Checked Exec. And Admin Cmte menus.  Who is doing minutes. Nicholas is not always present.

Metrics needed on drop-outs. Particularly those after 2 or 3 meetings. Why do they drop out? Follow-up.

Need better cooperation and coordination between Mark Adornetto and Nancy Babayco. They are not working in sync. We need a document on who is responsible for what.. Wait until both are present at mtg.

Orientation is not sufficient preparation to use Web site. Arthur will show slides.


Arthur and others on receive: Cron <spnadmin@gator1014> /home/spnadmin/backups/ about 12:17 every morning.

SacProNet also receives weekly and monthly backups from Host Gator. These are at C-Panel files > Files > File Manager > backups. We also get the latest backup from there.

On 1/17/13 Arthur took about two hours to download from > Files > Backup Wizard > Full or Partial Backup > Backup > Home Directory > Home Directory. This tar.gz file has 3.40 GB. Computer committee members will take turns downloading backups weekly.

We need to download files AND data. Arthur, apparently, just downloaded the data?

Only 15 resumes on site?  Arthur bought up this matter at Resume Cmte presentation on 2/5/13. Old and new. Few more mini-profiles than resumes. Force members to bring resumes on Web site? Bring resume to Orientation. Get people to review same at Orientations? Resumes on Web site might appear different due to electronic version from paper. Resume to fit all jobs? Put resume online encouraged? We are not, etc.  Photographer had operation. Members who need photographs at next gen. meeting. If we get 10 members, contact photographer. Martin Haas. Willing and able? David Babayco is head of resume cmte. Should people w/o photographs have silhouettes instead? Resume cmte does most of its work at job fairs.

Jim Kozick and jobs. Someone needs  to help him if he is absent.

 Mark Anthony Germanos might speak at a later time. Social genre person. Social media. SEO. We need dates.

Get someone talk about LinkedIn? Mark A knows him.

Survey on Web site use? What kind of information do members want from site?

I could not find the Succession Procedures for the Mktg, Educ, Resume, & Exec. Cmtes.

 Most info found in the Tower! Thanks, John. Are you still trying to contact Melissa and Bill Rohlfing?

We also discussed the SPN evaluation survey and handouts for communication styles, available on the member home page and at:

Delegata speaker. 3 months from now, 1/23

Metro Chamber. See Metro Chamber handout. $386/ annum to renew.  We shall be Metro members for another year beginning in February. We need to monitor membership participation at Metro events. Max of 5 members per function.

Benefits include:

No more than five members at any given function.
Sac, El Dorado, Yolo, Sutter, & Yuba Counties
2000 regional businesses
Second largest chamber of commerce in CA
Members include non-profits such as SMUD, SacState, Dignity Health
Members include such profits as AT&T, Comcast, Niello Company, Intel, Sleep Train
Subject-matter committees include agriculture, workforce and education, political action
Power lunches and other networking events
Related to SARTA (Sacramento Area Technology Alliance) and LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development)
Direct Customer Service Representative
Freebies from Office Depot, etc.

SPN service to Metro Chamber

LinkedIn Training
Recruitment service for potential employers
Write-up to Chamber concerning SacProNet.

SPN might try to join SARTA w/o joining MetroChamber. We shall have a report at 1/22/13 general meeting. We dropped this option.

Do we really need a video camera or just a Web cam? More about this on  Can afford video camera or Metro Chamber membership, not both. $386 to join Metro Chamber. $300 for video camera. $60 for Web cam, Ron got in touch with  Ken Knowles about this. Two-phase process. Should be equipped with lapel mike and tripod.

Blog(s) on sponsors. I talked about it at Tuesday’s General Meeting with Ron Mc and Sean Crandall, (Blog on BADCamp already  posted on Web site). John Mohammed will write a blog about yesterday’s (Jan 16) LinkedIN workshop which had an attendance of about 50, more attendees than computer terminals at the N. Natomas public library. Should this be a project? Arthur will contact Sean concerning progress on Twitter and Facebook accounts. Info on access on “The Tower.”

Martin Hasa

Migration. Ronnie working on this.

·How long will support for Drupal 6 last? Changing to Drupal 7 or 8. Try Google. Try Sacramento Drupal user group. We might consult Digital Deployment. Shoud we start 7 now? From 6 to 8? When Drupal 8 comes out; no more Drupal 6 support? No more Drupal 5 security. Electronic migration from 6 to 7? Some software for this task? BadCamp Sacramento.

·Mover module, found at . Author is “benshell.” Plan on how it can be done. Ronnie discussed this matter with HostGator. Migrate users, content over. Drupal 7 changes 6’s “nodes” and “users” to 7’s “entities.” Impact on handling profiles. Problems with dates and CKK.

·Charlie has a migration site on HostGator? Conflict between 6 and 7 using site. New account? Keep them separate? Two don’t interfere with each other. Talk to Carson Black. Discuss at Drupal User Group meeting. Hacker lab at I st. and 21st. Error specific to Host Gator or other Web hosting services. Call HostGator on issue? Try FAQs. o to do with PHP?

·I visited the Web sites and .  The second Web site in the previous sentence refers to a "Drupal-to-Drupal Data Migration" module in the process of formation, found at .

·Use of a “Mover” module downloadable from . Ronnie is planning on using it. Ronnie will contact HostGator about it. Module does not seem to function.

·Other modules?

·Move content to central repository. Two types of content, related to getting job and in-house.

·Taxonomy of content?

·Change a lot of files to *.pdf.

·Ronnie will contact Carson Black concerning Drupal migration?

·Issues with Mover module. Ronnie will contact Drupal community. (How about Charlie?)

·Problem with bulk operations?

If time permits, we can peruse through Arthur went through it on Tuesday, 1/29. Good time to do this is when we are on physical site.