Eric Herberholz

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Linux/UNIX System Administrator
Social Media Strategist & Community Coach
Online Community Builder
Community Leadership Summit West
Communication & Community Specialist
Moonlight Humanity Foundation
Eric was raised by nationally renowned visual art educators and schooled in the Art and Science of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. At Hughes Aircraft Company, he supported fighter-aircraft radar manufacturing at the Radar Systems Group, and he coded and administered Satellite UNIX-based test systems for Space & Communication. At a defense contractor, he started as their first UNIX System Administrator and went on to become a lead on a global private WAN.
Eric has coached customers for over 10 years for Hewlett Packard — troubleshooting and providing technical solutions to North American HP-UX System Administrators. He is a member of Hewlett Packard's global community of Knowledge Management folk. He also has experience in marketing and sales for Creatine Marketing.
He is a founder of Coach4SM.
He describes himself as a Browser Freak, Disc Golfer, Sailor and Skateboarder.

  • Social Media Business Marketing Strategy
  • Online Community Management
  • Web Presence / Web Content
  • Knowledge Management (KM)
  • Knowledge Centered Customer Support
  • UNIX Systems Administration