General Meeting for Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Guest Speaker Carleen Mackay

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Your career is your "business"

Tue, 02/12/2013 - 9:30am - 11:30am
Gerber Road One-Stop

Carleen MacKay

Director of Mature Workforce Initiatives
Wilcox Miller & Nelson
Ageless in America
Wolf Management Consultants, LLC
Strategy is the Art and Skill of Combining Vision with Knowledge.
“It is only when you stop learning, unlearning and relearning that work will elude you; come learn with us as we explore the changes that affect you, the threats and opportunities that await you and share our strategy for managing your career as your business – not just as your job -  in 2013.”  Carleen MacKay

Carleen Mackay will discuss the structural changes that are taking place in the work environment, and what we must do to remain employable and competitive.
  • What are the trends in the relationship of worker to work?
  • What are the new models for the employer/employee relationship?
  • How can we adapt to and cope with these changes?
  • What are the impacts for our career development plans?
Find out the key elements of a strategy for success in the new work environment.


  • National keynoter and program developer dedicated to helping organizations and people understand the 21st century’s changing workplace and workforce.
  • Author or co-author of:
    •  Boom or Bust, Return of the Boomers, Plan “B” for Boomers, Live Smart after 50 (due to be published as I write this);
    • The 50,000 Mile Checkup; and
    • The Myth Card Sort. 
  • Under development:
    • Plan “B” for Everyone for the benefit of San Diego’s 12 One-Stop Career Centers;
    • Provided the data/research for the recent development of Create Your Career GPS, a Career Partner’s facilitator’s guide for coaches. 
  • Director of Mature Workforce Initiatives for Career Partners International, the talent management firm with the largest global footprint (Over 200 offices in 26 countries).
  • Inter-generational instructor in the UC system and inter-generational advisor to Chaminade University in Honolulu. 
  • Founding member, the San Diego Mature Workforce Coalition, a multi-sector effort to help guide over 500,000 San Diego Boomers into the future.
  • Recruiting, re-development and retention strategist on behalf of the American workplace and the maturing workforce.
Across the nation, on stage, in print and on behalf of America's smallest or largest firms and the maturing population themselves, Carleen inspires individuals and organizational leaders to understand the competitive advantages an experienced workforce offers the American economy. One of very few experts in the U.S. whose work life is specialized in this area.


Nationwide keynotes
Multiple media presentations
E-learning curriculum design
Demographic research

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