Report on the Government Job Workshop, State positions-March 28, 2011

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Julia Acuna, SPN's own Subject Matter Expert on government jobs, invited Marc Blain to present an overview of the state's hiring process, website links, registration guides, exam processes and miscellaneous resources.

The workshop helped to solidify my knowledge of the process, which I was beginning to lose faith in, wondering if I was correctly submitting my application packages.

The keys tips gleaned were:

  • Read each set of instructions closely, especially with specifics regarding hiring freeze limitations.
  • Attempt to qualify for as many recruitment classifications as possible. This may be done by initially identifying one benchmark classification. Then you can expand your search of additional classifications by reviewing other postings with similar salary and duties. Then complete that test to qualify for that additional classification.
  • Then apply for EVERYTHING...sometimes you connect with job/employee match made in heaven, or the job may simply be a stepping stone to future endeavors.
  • Follow up on all Employment Inquiry letters to confirm your interest after reviewing the included Job Duties statement to decide whether or not you are interested in the designated opening.

Kristine Marck is a member of the SPN Computer Committee. Kris has 20 plus years in the Managed Care industry, with a focus on negotiations, project and contract management.