Rose Connolly

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Certified Job and Transition Coach
Rose Connolly hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and was raised in San Rafael, California. After graduating from the College of Marin she pursued her education in Southern California. Rose graduated from Long Beach State University with a BA in Fine Arts/Business. After spending a year in Hollywood doing minor acting roles she started working on air , doing radio voice commercials, and hosting local television shows in the Bay Area. Rose's areas of expertise include healthcare, media, advertising, property management, and juvenile probation. Rose has been a top producer selling radio advertising and managed several large commercial and residential properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also developed promotions and conducted customer service training to increase business for her radio and real estate clients. She has worked as a Human Resources Assistant and helped with employee relations. She also has outstanding problem solving and customer service skills that were utilized in hospital emergency rooms and admitting offices. She has been employed by three counties in the Bay Area as a juvenile probation counselor and has presented her seminars to youth and adults to help them overcome their barriers to employment.

During the 1990's Rose was laid off from several positions in the Silicon Valley and became frustrated with the job search process. She started doing her own research on employment interviewing career counselors and authors, reading employment material, and decided to create her own "unique" techniques for job search and interviewing. She became successful at gaining employment using her own techniques and eventually in 1997 JOBCOACHUSA was created as Rose saw a great need to assist people of all ages in the job search process.

Rose is a lifelong learner and recently completed her Certificate in Human Resources at Cal State Fullerton. She is also a member of Toastmasters. She was recently published in the Journal of Employment Counseling newsletter with her story, "Pink Slip" concerning her job loss in California.

Rose Connolly brings fresh, innovative ideas to the task of finding a job. She gives a common sense approach with creative techniques to help set the candidate apart from the masses seeking employment. Rose helps her clients with the presentation that is necessary and helps clients "package themselves" in the most professional way to gain employment. With over twenty years of expertise in the business world Rose Connolly cuts your job search time in half and can assist you in reaching your career goals quickly and efficiently.