SacProNet Weekly Meeting - Strategy for Job Fair

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Tue, 08/16/2016 - 9:30am - 11:30am
Speaker(s): Andrew Wayne Franklin
Strategy for Attending a Job Fair
Andrew Franklin will facilitate a meeting on developing a strategy for getting maximum value for a job fair.  This meeting will include a mock interview with a target company’s representative.
He will discuss:
Developing a strategy.  For State and private companies.
Developing a Plan of Action.
Psyching your self up for the job fair.
Identifying your target companies.
Researching your target companies, their competition, and issues facing them and their industries.
Information  needed.  Information you need on companies and their industry.
Setting up informational interviews with people / companies of interest.
Things to bring to a job fair.
Selecting a support partner to attend job fair and hold you accountable for a plan.
Tracking metrics during job fair:  companies talked to, resumes / business cards handed out, business cards selected, people/companies to call, people to connect with through Linkedin,   
Writing lessons learned from the job fair and how to improve your next job fair.

JOB FAIR  There is a job fair on Thursday Aug 18th from 9AM to Noon at William Jessup University.     
Register for this job fair.  See calendar for details.