Success Story: A Surprise Job Offer for Jose Marquez

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionAt the May 10 Sacramento Professional Network (SPN) general meeting, Resume Committee member Jose Marquez announced this would be his last SPN meeting: he has a job! As of Monday, May 16, Jose will be a Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer at AASC (Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation) in Stockton.

The job offer came unexpectedly, almost by chance. Jose had seen the AASC table at a career fair at UC Davis, but had assumed his skills wouldn't be a good match for the aerospace industry. Late in the day - drawn by a bowl of chocolates - Jose struck up a conversation with AASC's Human Resource representatives, who invited him to visit the company. They made no promise of a job interview; it was just a way to learn more about AASC.

Jose followed through - wearing his interview suit, just in case - and found himself in a room with five other invitees from the career fair. He ended up having five-minute meetings with three managers including the plant manager. Still no promises. Two weeks later, the phone call came with the offer.

"The moral of the story," Jose says, "is that opportunities might be where you least expect them."

Jose credits SPN for picking up his spirits. "Looking back," he says, "I can see that in early interviews I was not upbeat. But now, after helping people through my role on the SPN Resume Committee, I gained confidence and self-assertiveness."

Congratulations, Jose!

Pat Soberanis is an editor and writer in Sacramento.