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General questions
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The Sacramento Professional Network (SacProNet) is a no-fee career resource center and job search networking group for business and technical professionals in the Sacramento area.  

The group meets Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Arden Christian Center
4300 Las Cruces Way
Sacramento, CA 95864
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SacProNet thrives through the support of our 100 active members and ongoing encouragement of our Alumni.
SacProNet costs the Sacramento community nothing.  

SacProNet contributes $2 million dollars in value annually to the Sacramento community, through the job search services and orientation it provides, taxes paid by our newly employed members, and unemployment compensation saved when employed members no longer need the benefits.

Organizational Operations (1)
Questions regarding operations.
Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSacProNet has a President and two Vice Presidents. It has seven committees that organize and manage its activites. Committees include Adminstration, Computer, Education, Interview, Marketing, Resume, and Emeritus. 
Procedures and Rules (4)
Questions regarding SacProNet rules and procedures.
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To remain an active member of SacProNet, you agree to attend the weekly Tuesday General meeting and volunteer 16 hours per month (an average of 4 hours each week) to SPN operations.

Most members find this requirement easily met through committee assignments.

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SacProNet's dress code is "business casual" for weekly general meetings and networking events. Dress code is "business casual" for the SPN office and workshops.

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No, Member information is kept confidential. You will receive administrative email or phone calls from committee chairpersons and members. Employer contact requests are passed to you indirectly thereby preserving your privacy. SacProNet does not provide direct contact information to the public or employers.

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"Active" members of SacProNet who have completed all membership requirements may change their membership status to "inactive" by submitting a Change of Status Form.  Inactive members can reactivate membership within twelve months without going through the application process again.

Any member who fails to complete membership requirements for two consecutive months will also be determined to be "inactive".

Member Benefits (5)
Questions concerning the benefits of belonging to SacProNet for members.
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Check the SPN Calendar for the next scheduled orientation. Plan to arrive a few minutes early.

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Bring your photo identification and your Social Security card for proof of "right to work". These must be presented when requested. You may also wish to bring a pen, notepad, some water or other soft beverage.

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionMembers have access to workshops, job listings, networking events, office facilities, resume assistance, interview practice, support groups and guest speakers.  New members have a full day orientation of basic training that helps them integrate into the group.
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Members and other interested parties can browse the monthly calendar by clicking on the Event Calendar tab that appears on the upper menu tab of each web page.

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Any unemployed or underemployed person in a professional, managerial, or technical field looking for a new or better employment opportunity.
SacProNet will give you the resources to organize and prepare for the job search.