Job Seeker Benefits

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  • SacProNet membership includes a wide range of professional, technical, and managerial job seekers who participate as an organized group, helping each other develop and hone skills to land new employment opportunities.
  • Through this self-directed participation, SacProNet members benefit from the following activities:
    • Special events and guest speakers
    • Résumé Development and Review
    • Practice Interviews
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Educational Workshops
    • Skills Enhancement
    • Access to hidden job market
  • How to join

Searching for a job is stressful and takes energy and determination. You are not alone. All of our members are in a similar situation where they can offer support and understanding to your issues. Members share, learn, and advance their skills through SacProNet hosted events, guest speakers, and educational workshops. SacProNet encourages our members to be the best they can be.