Community Value Statement

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SacProNet contributes over $1,300,000 a year to the Sacramento community and saves the State over $400,000 a year in unemployment benefits. This service is provided at no cost to the community.
SacProNet is an all volunteer organization whose mission is to help it members find employment. Membership is composed of experienced professionals that are either unemployed or under employed.
SacProNet is a self-funded and self-sustaining organization that trains, mentors, and supports its members throughout the job search process.
SacProNet provides outplacement type of service to its members and offers an environment of support and training on best practices and current events in the job market.
SacProNet also provides training to members of the Project Management Institute – Sacramento Valley Chapter who are looking for employment. This chapter has 1,800 active members. The Project Management Institute is the world’s largest accredition organization for Project Managers.
Weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays and new member orientation is held on the second and third Wednesdays of each month. Meet Up groups and regional support groups are held weekly in various locations.
SacProNet is managed by a president, two vice presidents and seven committees: Administration, Education, Emeritus, Computer/Web, Interview, Marketing, and Resume.
Turnover is frequent as members become employed, requiring succession planning for our executives, educators, and skilled personnel.
Membership is not restricted by residency. The majority of members are from Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties, with some members coming as far as Vacaville.  

The value of services that SacProNet contributes to the Sacramento community is over $1,300,000 per year. SacProNet doesn’t receive funding, neither private nor public, nor is it a recipient of any grants. SacProNet is an all volunteer organization that assists experienced professionals in seeking employment opportunities.
This value is determined by the outplacement type of service provided, based upon private industry rates, the value members contribute in the form of taxes, and the unemployment funds saved after successfully gaining employment.
SacProNet Member Metrics
·        Currently there are over 100 active members.
·        There are 35-40 active members regularly attend weekly meetings.
·        15 new members monthly, on average, have been trained over the past 12 months. July orientation included 30 new members and August orientation has 58 new members registered. 
·        4 members monthly, on average, got jobs over the past 12 months.
·        Over 300 alumni members are registered since 2007.
SacProNet Value Metrics
·        Note 1
The value of outplacement type of training and services, based upon private industry rates, is between $3,000 and $5,000 per member.  Outplacement type of training and services include: 
o       2 half day monthly orientation sessions for basic training of new members.
o       Weekly meetings with regularly scheduled speakers.
o       Resume reviews, practice interviews, and 30-60 second me / Elevator speech are conducted weekly based upon committee’s schedulee
o       Regular scheduled training on best practices and job search topics.  
o       Weekly scheduled support services including special interest meet up groups and regional meet up groups.  
·        Note 2 
The average salary of members getting jobs over the past 12 months is approximately $50,000 per year.   
o       The estimated average tax deduction from gross income taxes to arrive at an Adjusted Gross Income is 40%. 
o       Deductions are based upon a typical member:  2 member family, no children, and owning a home.
o       The median household income in Yolo, Placer, El Dorado and Sacramento counties is about $61,000. (Source: Sacramento Bee, July 12, 2010)
Outplacement Type Services Offered
·        SacProNet conducts orientation classes for new candidates on the basics of the job search process. This prepares and organizes new members to join the membership with a basic knowledge base and an understanding of what is required of them. 
·        Resumes are reviewed; practice interviews, and 30-60 second elevator speeches are conducted through out the week based upon each committee’s schedule.
·        Weekly meetings are held for member support, advanced training needs, and regular scheduled speakers and events. Special sessions are conducted on best practices in the job search process.
·        Speakers are regularly scheduled for the weekly meetings. These include career coaches/counselors, employers/recruiters, business opportunities, government specialists and executives, and motivational speakers.
·        Regularly scheduled training classes, in addition to new members orientation, includes: 
o       Getting Organized in the Job Search Process;
o       Networking and web sites of interest;
o       Joining Linkedin;
o       Getting familiar with the web site,;
o       Salary Negotiations;
o       Interviewing Skills;
o       Resume and Cover Letters Skills;
o       Elevator speech / 30-60 second me.
o       Developing a PSP, Personal Strategic Plan
·        Currently there are 3 special interest meet up groups and 3 regional support meet up groups meeting on a weekly basis. 
o       Special Interest meet up groups are: 
·        getting a job in the green industry,
·        getting a job with the state, and
·        Maintaining the Drupal web site.
o       Regional support meet up groups are meeting in:
·        Roseville,
·        Elk Grove, and
·        Citrus Heights.
Member composition
Current membership is composed of experienced professionals in the following fields:
Account Executives,
Civil Engineers,
Electronic Technicians,
Executive Assistants,
Corporate Executives,
Financial Services,
Graphic Artists,
Human Resources,
Mental Health,
Network Analysts,
Project Managers – IT, Environmental, Telecom,
Public Relations,
Quality Assurance,
Sales Representatives,
Social Workers - Mental Health,
Teachers / Trainers,
Web Developers,
Information Links – links used in article
State Tax
Federal Tax

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